The Reiki seminars / initiations are taking place with a maximum of two participants, so that the four initiations can be modeled individually and personally per person (based on grades I and II). After the initiations, many questions may arise. Some people simply need some time for themselves to reflect afterwards. Everyone should be allowed to have this time.

In seminar "Reiki degree I", you will learn the operation of the Reiki energy, Reiki precepts, aura and chakras and how people can give Reiki energy to themselves or others. After that, a few months should already pass to integrate the acquired knowledge.

In seminar "Reiki degree II" Reiki practitione
rs are going to learn more ways and aspects. The additional usage possibility of symbols Cho Ku Rei (power symbol), Sei He Ki (mental icon) and Hon Sha Ze Sho Nen (contact symbol) with their own specific meanings teaches advanced applications.

Reiki is a helpful tool for consciousness and self-awareness. A new way, but it may also include mental blocks.
Now the time to evolve begins. Suddenly we realize that whenever we are hurt by external stimuli or events, we find the cause in ourselves (law of resonance). Gray areas in the way to communicate, not to be heard, not to be understood or not to be seen might lead us to conflicts which deplete us.

Whether and when an initiation to the grade III, the Master degree, makes sense, you will not know until much later, you should allow plenty of time. With this inauguration, the energetic circle is concluded. It makes little sense to be inducted into the Masters degree, if you have not understood and internalized the task of the first and second degree. If you have taken the steps to self-knowledge and begun to master yourself, you should be initiated into the master symbol and experience the connection with the spiritual world consciously.