„REIKI" is a Japanese term meaning universal life energy, such as a kind of cosmic energy. These may be very helpful for your own awareness of life.

„REI“ signifies spirit or soul – „KI“ signifies the cosmic life-energies.

The universal life energy is inexhaustible. Our body can absorb it at any time. Depending on how much energy flows through our bodies, we feel more or less powerful and harmonious. People are able to work as a channel. They absorb these energies through their crown chakra for example. (This takes place above your head.)  They forward it with their hands to the human’s or animal’s bodies. For example: A young child has a stomach ache. What does a mother do? She puts her hands on her kid’s stomach. The ability to let energy flow through their hands do have many people, whether they are initiated into "REIKI", or not.

We are always comfortable or happy when the cosmic energies are in an arrangement we perceive as harmonious balance. If this arrangement gets muddled up, we might feel dissatisfied, disillusioned or depressed. These feelings are our own responsibility.

"REIKI" is a tool to change our perception. This change does not happen overnight and everyone needs sometimes more, sometimes less time for it. "REIKI" works  holistically on the levels of being, considering the mind, body and soul.

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"REIKI" is interesting for people who want to relax after the hustle and stress of the day. It takes care of your spiritual, mental and physical level, because it can help to reduce the imbalance between stress and de-stress restore. The more life energy flowing through us, the more comfortable we feel. That is our goal. Most people experience their first contact with "REIKI" in the context of the first application or session. Some just only want to receive the life energy. Others are going to go a step further and are interested in learning to apply it themselves.

"REIKI" itself is therefore not a cure, but rather serves the optimal energy supply to the body. This means that the body's own healing powers are activated and enhanced. In other words, "REIKI" means energy work, light work or body work.